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Honua Kai

Posted by Start An Offer on Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at 1:42pm.

Honua Kai

Condos For Sale and Property Management

Almost fours years ago I made this review video about the Honua Kai Resort and Spa.

Since then I have met talked to and met many people who agree that this property remains one of the best, if not THE best, performing short term vacation rentals in all of West Maui Real Estate Market. And now, with the almost completely constructed Luana Garden Villas (Completion Fall 2020) the final piece is in place on this crowning West side destination resort. 

But like any business venture there are downsides. And the sooner they are discovered the sooner they can be mitigated to avoid costly mistakes and maximize your return on investment.

Three things to Consider:

1) Keeping your unit fresh and up to date. Like any aging asset, father time tends to take his toll. Carpets wear out, walls need repainting, furniture gets worn and appliances start to fail. If you haven't had an "audit" from someone who is not afraid to be brutally honest, I am happy to send my most discerning and vocal guest over to check it out for you ;-)

But actually that is a "turkey talk" you should be having with your property manager about every 2 quarters! Don't wait though. Once those negative reviews hit the sites, there is no going back! The good news? Now a days, property management companies worth their salt can actually help defray some of the cost of these improvement costs and at a very minimum should be closely consulted to make sure you are spending your money in a way that will truly maximize your long term yields. 

2) Let's be real. Property Management Companies sometimes can get a little TOO fat and happy. Or they just nickel and dime you to death. And if you are not careful, they wittingly sift a lion share of YOUR profit. Not to mention that staying on the cutting edge of what's happening in the sales/marketing and hospitality industry requires a true thirst for excellence. And frankly, not every company passes the litmus test. You might be surprised who I personally refer all of my clients to for management at Honua Kai. Feel free to call me to find out who - 808-298-2030

3) HOA Fees and Reserves. One tends to go up and the other tends to go down. That's just reality. Better to tip the scale in favor of more reserves now, than keeping profit margins unnecessarily my vote. As nightly rates and occupancy levels make a steady climb to the right, don't be surprised when over time your HOA fees wisely rise to keep pace with an aging building an unforseen projects.

Bottom line?

Honua Kai is maturing gracefully! And with every new owner comes a fresh excitement that keeps the vibe in tune with the bright eyed visitors from all of the world ready for some R&R, a Mai Tai and their favorite entree at Dukes as the sun kisses the horizon.

Whether you are staying at the Honua Kai as a welcome guest, a brand new "stoked out" owner, or have been invested in the project since the beginning, this resort is truly special. If you have yet to experience Honua Kai, please watch the video above and call me with any questions you might have. 

Honestly, I live about a 7 minute walk from this place & love the fact I get to show units to my clients and witness how a world-class operation is operated, day in and day out!

Mahalo Nui Loa!

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Eric is a seasoned Maui Real Estate Agent with a passion for the West Side and anything that floats on a wave. He is also an avid YouTuber. You can check him out at :

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