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For decades, the shoreline of Kahana, Maui has experienced severe coastal erosion from sea level rise (SLR), storm events, and shoreline development. This has resulted in risk to public safety, threats to environmental quality, reduced coastal access, and damage to property and infrastructure. Almost all the properties in the project area have some form of shoreline erosion control, from seawalls to vegetated berms. The community is seeking ways to manage the important resources of Kahana Bay for generations to come. The Proposed Action presents a sustainable, resilient, community-based solution to mitigate regional shoreline erosion that could serve as a model for nature-based approaches to the severe

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Aloha! Please click links below to open a PDF for the most searched Hawaii Real Estate Contracts.

If you have any questions please feel free to Eric West at 808-298-2030 or email

Hawaii Real Estate Purchase Contract

Hawaii Rental Lease Agreement

Hawaii Buyers Agency Agreement

Hawaii Listing Agreement Sellers


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Maui Market Report January 2021 Stats

The real estate market on Maui is definitely heating up. Track the details on my report which is a open source Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can also CLICK HERE see this summary report for January 2021. Mahalo for your business, and I look forward to working with you as a buyer or sellers agent.


Eric & Lisa West

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Maui Short Term Vacation Rentals - Condos and Homes

Investment Pitfalls and The Minatoya List

This is a hot topic across the entire vacation rental market worldwide and Maui is no exception. The goal is basically to keep vacationers and other short-term visitors in the hotel districts and out of neighborhoods for various reasons ranging from crowded parking, unruly behavior, affordable housing shortage for locals, and loss of employment opportunities for hotel workers and many more. Threats to reassess properties for tax purposes at sky-high commercial rates can discourage homeowners from investing in short term rental properties.  According to a recent poll over 55% of Maui residents oppose short term rentals in their neighborhoods. But all is not

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Hawaii Real Estate HARPTA Tax Planning

Overview for Successful Ownership Avoiding Costly Tax Mistakes 

Planning to buy, rent long term or vacation rent and eventually sell Hawaii real estate can be complicated and best done well in advance of contracting to buy or offering to sell real estate in Hawaii. Putting your real estate investment to work generating income by renting it out long term (180 days or more) or for even more $$$ as a vacation rental is a great idea to offset the cost of your permanent residence or pay for many future Hawaiian vacations for you and your family. Then, sell it down the road hopefully for a generous capital gain! When you grab a piece of paper or a spreadsheet to see how much of a good deal this is there are some tax

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The ZERO Effect of COVID on the Maui Real Estate Market 

Aloha! And welcome to another weekly Maui Real Estate Market Watch Report from Eric West at Keller Williams in Whalers Village.

Maui Real Estate

 Here is what's new and developing for the week of August 24th 2020. To see the entire Google Sheets spreadsheet please click here

The big question people ask me every week…”How’s the market doing on Maui?” Many people are expecting a major downturn in demand and subsequent 20-50% reductions in asking prices.

Not so much.

In a nutshell, the Maui Real Estate Market is holding steady, very steady.

Let’s compare the last 8 months of 2020 with the exact same time period in 2019.

Now keep in mind, in 2019 the market was in FULL swing with a FULL capacity

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Maui Real Estate for Sale in the “New Age” of COVID

How to Find the RIGHT Real Estate Deal on Maui 

Information is power. We all know that. But with all of the “tech tools” and everything available to everyone online, how can anyone get a competitive edge? Not to mention a true understanding of what is really happening in the real estate market in Hawaii in order to make wise and prudent decisions?

(Just because a buyer or a real estate agent uses or shows up on Redfin, Zillow or Trulia on Maui does not make you or them an expert...just sayin')

Especially given the new set of never before seen circumstances of a global pandemic such as COVID!

The answer is threefold.

  1. Follow the numbers. The numbers don’t lie. But most

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Best Places to Live In the World

Before, During and After the Corona Virus - A Worst Case Scenario



Many people are now asking how to survive a pandemic?

So where is the Best Place to Live in the World Before, During and After the Corona Virus?

Hands Down.....Hawaii.

Which is exactly why so many people are planning a move to Hawaii....right now. And the second home market is starting to boom.

(as a long time Maui Resident and Real Estate Expert, I would also argue Maui is the best island in Hawaii to live on)

Whether you assume the worst case or best case scenario for what is going to happen in the future, the answer to the question is still the same. 

Hawaii is possibly the best place to position yourself and your family

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Maui Property Taxes


One of the most common questions I get selling real estate on Maui is "How much are taxes?" With so many people retiring on a fixed income, or hard working families looking to keep home ownership costs under control, knowing what the tax man will take is a major key consideration in a purchase. 

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about real property taxes on Maui. (Click Here for Maui Tax Calculator)

  1. The advertised tax cost in the listing is not necessarily what you will be paying! Why? Because when you close on a property on Maui, you “inherit” the tax rate of the previous owner, until the next fiscal tax year (which actually begins in the summer!) So let’s say you purchased a home from a second

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Corona Virus Impact on Closed Sales for Homes, Land and Condos on Maui

Maui Real Estate Update July 16, 2020

Aloha! And welcome to another weekly Maui Real Estate Report from Eric West. Here is what's new and developing for the week of July 16th 2020. To see the entire Google Sheets spreadsheet please click here

If you are curious about the effect of COVID on the Maui Real Estate market in the month of June 2020, check out this comprehensive report

  1. We had another 26 price reductions averaging 7% and a total dollar discounting of just under $2M. This is quite a bit lower than what have been seeing during this Coronoa Virus time period. The two most notable reductions came from 3806 Lower Honoapiilani Rd with a $251,000 reduction in price

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