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How To Make Face Mask with Fabric

Posted by Start An Offer on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 at 10:59am.

DIY Face Mask with Filter in Under 10 Seconds


Aloha! Have you been wondering how to make a DIY face mask? Me too.

After watching about all of the top videos on YouTube on "How to Make a Face Mask" I decided to make my own.

One that even guys can understand and execute in an emergency. Hello, this is NOT TIME for fancy patterns, going to the store to buy materials and/or sewing some home economics arts and crafts BS.

This is a global pandemic. Protecting you and your family from COVID19 aka the Corona Virus requires real solutions that really work, really fast.

The others mask tutorials that I tried were very time consuming. Not to mention difficult (if not impossible) to create a tight seal with the flimsy (and hard to find) elastic and rubber bands behind the ears! Also somewhat uncomfortable and hard to find materials. 

They also DID NOT have a filter or easy to find and easily replaceable filter (that also absorbed moisture)

All you need is the classic Bandana that cowboys and bank robbers wore in those westerns and some of your wife's or girlfriends unscented panty liners (I know it's crazy, but it works.)

The DIY Face Mask featured in the video below  can be done in under 10 seconds, does NOT require a trip to the store (unless you don't live with a woman) and it is easy to put on creating a tight seal around the mouth and nose.

Here is what you will need:

1) A Bandana (already the perfect size to fit/tie around your cutting required, only folding.)

2) An unscented panty liner. Yes that's right. Also known as a maxi-pad. These offer both filtration and moisture absorption 

3) Humility and little sense of humor.

Please watch this short face mask tutorial video. (and next time you come to Hawaii....**which is hopefully really soon** look me up and we'll share a cold Corona on the Beach and buy some real estate together!)


Mahalo from Hawaii! Stay Safe.

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