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Going the Extra Mile for My Sellers

Posted by Start An Offer on Friday, October 30th, 2015 at 3:47pm.

May I share a quick story with you?

 I recently sold a VERY well known, luxury home here in Hawaii. 

Do you want to know WHAT is was well known FOR?   FOR NOT SELLING! 

Maui Real Estate

Previous to me taking the listing, it literally “sat” on the market UNSOLD for almost 7 years

(By the way, other very well known, “old school” local real estate agents had attempted to sell this property, but never received an OFFER.)

What made the difference, you may ask?

 Allow me to share with you some of the specific details of what I did as the listing agent to make the sale.

 I am going to *warn* you, some if this is NOT very glamorous .

(some of it, just plain common sense)

 Quick background. The owner (Craig B.) did not live on Maui. This was a second home and he was no longer coming to Maui. He was counting on local people to take care of the place.

 The very first thing I noticed (while it was on the market with the other agent) was the fountain (right by the front door!) was stagnant, green and quite smelly. Not a very good first impression for potential buyers. So…I replaced the pump and literally cleaned it out (myself) About 3 hours of work. But nobody else wanted to do that dirty job. So I did.

 Next, the lawn had major brown spots and bare dirt everywhere. The gardener did not know why. So…I turned on the sprinklers, and sat through the entire cycle. I observed many were spraying the wrong direction (into the field!) So, I went to Home Depot and purchased 28 new sprinkler heads and installed them myself. Within a few weeks it was green everywhere.

 Next, my wife and I staged the entire home. I had just sold another home. The new owner did not want any of the high-end furniture. So I made a deal with the owner to acquire the furniture, rented a moving truck and I personally moved the furniture from that Front St. home and used it to stage and decorate every room. Now the house showed like a home! We also hired a company to stain the exterior doors that were sun damaged.

 Next….I personally attended EVERY showing. I made sure they were meticulously thought-out showings. I would personally “touch up” the home right before each showing…sweep the floors, turn on the lights & fountains, uncover and turn on the hot tub, play some very soothing Hawaiian music, open all of the pocket doors, pull any weeds that had sprung up prior to the last lawn service. Finally, I scheduled many, one-on-one, meetings with buyer and seller to work out the various challenges of the deal (vs. just email and text which can lead to misunderstandings)

 The sum of all these things made a huge difference. And these are just a few examples.

What other agents might consider “above and beyond” the call of duty, I consider mandatory.

Every real estate deal I perform receives an ALL OUT effort and performance.

 That’s the way it should be. Don’t you agree?   Even though…

 I am the only single agent on the FIRST page of Google ORGANIC search results for the most popular search terms (“Hawaii Real Estate” and “Hawaii Homes For Sale”) which has created a database of over 2000 current active buyers. (search yourself to see)

 And our Sotheby’s Realty corporate marketing arm has exclusive real estate advertising deals with Apple News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Hong Kong Tatler giving your property exposure to high net-worth buyers around the globe.

 But what REALLY makes a difference between a successful Closing and a “NO SALE”..

 My gut instinct and all the subtle nuances of executing every detail of your home sale, from start to finish.

 I sincerely appreciate you allowing me to share this with you. I respect and honor you and your time.

 When you are ready to list your Hawaii Home, please call me to discuss.

(Or call me anytime to “talk story” ;-)

 In the meantime, click on “Sellers” and “About Us” to read reviews from my previous happy clients, from around the world.

I look forward to serving you and your family.


Aloha, Eric

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