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Best Place to Live Before, During and After the Corona Virus

Posted by Start An Offer on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 at 5:09am.

Best Places to Live In the World

Before, During and After the Corona Virus - A Worst Case Scenario



Many people are now asking how to survive a pandemic?

So where is the Best Place to Live in the World Before, During and After the Corona Virus?

Hands Down.....Hawaii.

Which is exactly why so many people are planning a move to Hawaii....right now. And the second home market is starting to boom.

(as a long time Maui Resident and Real Estate Expert, I would also argue Maui is the best island in Hawaii to live on)

Whether you assume the worst case or best case scenario for what is going to happen in the future, the answer to the question is still the same. 

Hawaii is possibly the best place to position yourself and your family to endure or perhaps even enjoy these tumultuous times? 

Here’s why.

Let’s just assume the “worst case” for a moment. 

The US economy is totally shut down (we are already well on our way) 

It costs $10,000 cash for a small loaf of bread (after waiting in line all night)

The grocery stores are literally empty. 

The supply line for everything is shut down.

Electricity is no longer available (no water pumps running = no water at your faucets)

Looters with guns have taken over the streets and martial law is in full effect. 

Oh did I forget to mention, winter is coming. 


What could you do NOW to prepare and where IS the best place to live during this not so unreasonable possibility?

Think Sustainable Safety, Water, Food, and Comfort.

  1. The first rule of thumb in safety is distance. Get as far away from the danger as physically possible. Creating a safe space between you and the threat has and always will be the best solution. It is simply much more difficult for someone or something to hurt you if you are far away from “it” And you simply can’t get further away from society while remaining on US soil than Hawaii. Hawaii enjoys the absolute lowest incidence of COVID in the country and it will likely remain that way. It’s also really hard for extreme violent vigilantes/looters to board planes and fly to Hawaii to create havoc. Thank God.

  1. Climate. Hawaii has been voted the best climate in the world. Humans and plants do well above 60 degrees fahrenheit. With year round overnight temperatures north of 60 degrees in Hawaii you will simply never die of hypothermia. Humans also need water, and plenty of it. Hawaii is blessed with a year round abundance of rain clouds stopped by our mountain tops which creates total aqua sustainability. You could literally survive year round without electricity and a grocery store with the right plot of land in the right location in Hawaii. A water “catchment” system for all the water you need, a solar panel system along with a battery array for your electricity, a good supply of seeds and a plot of land to grow your fruits and vegetables. Protein is abundant in the ocean...shoreline fishing or a small watercraft will give you access to the best tasting fish the Pacific Ocean has to offer. Food and Water….check!

  1. Guns. In the event that “all hell breaks loose” it would be wise to have a good defensible position in your home or while going about your day. Part of that defense is thankfully available through our second amendment right to bear arms. Hawaii does have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, but you CAN possess a gun in Hawaii. I personally like the fact that Hawaiians are not armed to the teeth like most of the mainland, but the right to own and possess a registered gun does exist and should be part of your worst case scenario plan should you need to defend your family.


While the rest of the world is fighting in the frozen city streets for that last gallon of fresh water and a can of stale tuna fish, you have a big smile on your tan face! Why is that? Well you are dropping in on waves every morning with the kids surfing, your garden is growing the next harvest of organic veggies, your solar panels are keeping your latest catch of Ahi Tuna and Mahi Mahi frozen in the freezer, your fresh water tank is overflowing, and you have not even thought about touching your gun in the glovebox and you have red marks all over your arm from pinching yourself every morning….and the only reason you are “sweating it” is because the average temp in the middle of January is 77 degrees. 

We call it “Paradise” for a reason, and even more so now.

Second home sales are hitting record numbers because they are becoming primary homes for people all over America looking for safe refuge from the current state of affairs. Many experts agree that starting this November, things will likely get much worse. Now is the time to make your move. Call Eric West at 808-298-2030 to learn more about the best places to call home in Hawaii.  

Click Here to See Homes for Sale in Hawaii on at least one acre of land with good locations for solar power and/or rainfall for catchment water systems.

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