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What Makes Living in Hawaii So Special?

Posted by Start An Offer on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 at 3:29pm.

The short answer?

"It" never gets old. 

Some people have asked me over the years..."Do you ever get island fever?" 

My response is always the same.."No, I actually get mainland fever!"

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It really IS the raw beauty of Hawaii that makes it a such a special place to call home. And everything that you can DO with all the beauty in the background, foreground, and under your feet.

No, it's really true. You don't just 'get over it' after a few months (or years) and just go "oh yeah, that's just a perfect white sandy beach with crystal clear breaking waves and a 10,000 sheer foot green mountain over there...I'm bored"

No, you really actually do pinch yourself every time you look out the window of your car and take in the view of that GIANT blue, blue, blue pacific ocean or smell the plumeria wafting in the air as you walk to the mailbox, or listen to the dove's coo'ing you awake in the morning, or a gecko greeting you with that familiar gecko sound that's hard to type out!

It just NEVER gets old or familiar. If anything, you ask yourself, how can I indulge in MORE appreciation?

How CAN I thank God MORE for the fact that I live here and the fact that He made a place such as this?

At least that is true for me.

And yes, if you have to work and go indoors - that sucks, BUT you always know in the back of your mind that the ocean, mountains, surf, clean air and Aloha vibe is waiting for you...

It's ALWAYS waiting and beckoning you to come back for more.

The other cool thing is that it's just a little different everyday. The perfect amount of variation.

Yes, we have the 'most perfect weather on earth' to quote Guy Hagi (the most awesome weatherman in the world) but it varies just enough to keep you interested in what's next....will it be more perfect or less perfect tomorrow?

So what makes Hawaii so special?


It's a lot to take in...but the sum of the parts IS greater than the whole.

Sometimes the only real "problem" with Hawaii is ME! My mood, or my attitude get's weird, or I'm caught up in some useless emotion or worry. And maybe I forget, for just a brief moment (or moments) that I live in paradise, and that everything I love is right here...

My wife, my kids, my church family, the ocean and all that beauty...sunsets, lonely beaches, long left and right hand surf breaks, mountain bike trails, tall mountains, lush forests, deer, exotic birds, flowers and the awesome people who live in the ways of Aloha!

Let me share with you something that will transcend space and time and actually SHOW you right NOW the places we enjoy everyday...

It's one of the best ways for me  capture and share what's going on in this place. It is from the air with my drone changes the perspective, and the grandness stands out the way it should.

I am so thankful to be in Hawaii.


THE Most Beautiful Aerial Footage of Hawaii from Hawaii's Best Real Estate on Vimeo.


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