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Kaanapali Coffee Farms 


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 As the Corona Virus epidemic sweeps the nation and the world, there is one place that seems to be the perfect retreat from the madness. Maui. And specifically the neighborhoods gracing the hillside above the world-famous Kaanapali resort.

One of those neighborhoods  -  truly stands out as a mecca for views, privacy and a unique rolling landscape of vegetation you just don't see very often. Coffee. That's right. That morning elixir we just can't seem to live without. Now you can have it growing all around your dream house while enjoying the many benefits of a share cropper. This mutually beneficial relationship not only keeps your property taxes low, (thanks to the

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DIY Face Mask with Filter in Under 10 Seconds


Aloha! Have you been wondering how to make a DIY face mask? Me too.

After watching about all of the top videos on YouTube on "How to Make a Face Mask" I decided to make my own.

One that even guys can understand and execute in an emergency. Hello, this is NOT TIME for fancy patterns, going to the store to buy materials and/or sewing some home economics arts and crafts BS.

This is a global pandemic. Protecting you and your family from COVID19 aka the Corona Virus requires real solutions that really work, really fast.

The others mask tutorials that I tried were very time consuming. Not to mention difficult (if not impossible) to create a tight seal with the flimsy (and hard to

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Celebrate Your Best Maui Real Estate Deal EVER....

with a Cold Corona on the Beach!

See all the best deals with the Maui Real Estate Market Watch Report

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In case you have not read the details of the $2 Trillion Federal stimulus package that was just passed. You can read a great summary here


Looking for the best deals in Hawaii for homes, vacation condos, long term condos and  land? ? The dynamic Maui Real Estate Market Watch report is the best place to find them. There is no question the recent Corona Virus pandemic in Hawaii has already created some softening in the real estate market place. But keep in mind, the market is still very active - in both

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Honua Kai

Condos For Sale and Property Management

Almost fours years ago I made this review video about the Honua Kai Resort and Spa.

Since then I have met talked to and met many people who agree that this property remains one of the best, if not THE best, performing short term vacation rentals in all of West Maui Real Estate Market. And now, with the almost completely constructed Luana Garden Villas (Completion Fall 2020) the final piece is in place on this crowning West side destination resort. 

But like any business venture there are downsides. And the sooner they are discovered the sooner they can be mitigated to avoid costly mistakes and maximize your return on investment.

Three things to Consider:

1) Keeping your unit fresh

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Puamana Condos for Sale and Best Property Management

OK, so you are thinking about buying a unit at one of my ALL TIME favorite vacation rentals and ocean front communities in ALL OF MAUI.

Excuse me, Puamana BEACH front (well sometimes it's there and sometimes it not.....I know) I usually paddle down from Puamana Beach Park to check out the scene with the sand!

Or you already own a Puamana Unit (Lucky You!) and need a new property management company. Whether you are already using AIRBNB or VRBO for Puamana, you still need a management company that will work extra hard for you and not charge a penny over 25%!

Either way, I can help.

You see, I am a HUGE fan of Puamana. I used to live on Front Street and secretly fantasized about living in

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What if There Are NO Lanikeha Homes For Sale?

That's actually very possible. Since this is a very new neighborhood, only 48 have been built so far. In that case, you will need to purchase some land for sale at Lanikeha and build your dream home! Then the big question becomes "Who Do I Hire as the Builder" Naturally you will want to find the best builder in Lanikeha. That combination of reputable and reasonably priced (ie does not OVER charge!) is tough to find. Call me at 808-298-2030 and I will be happy to give you my top three suggested builders in the Lanikeha neighborhood. (Be sure to watch the video below of my full neighborhood tour with aerial drone video, smooth hyper time lapses of every street, and a tour of the Lanikeha clubhouse)


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Kaanapali Hillside

Homes For Sale

Watch Eric's Neighborhood Tour Video

Located just up the hill from the world famous Ka‘anapali Beach and Resorts you will find the perfect little quiet neighborhood simply called Ka'anapali Hillside. And some of the best Kaanaplai Homes for Sale in the West Maui real estate market. This is truly one of the nicest and most inspiring locations in West Maui. It's called the "Golf Cart Lifestyle" which enables you and your guests an open air ride to visit the beaches and amenities while legally driving your golf cart directly to the fun. Keep in mind that HOA fees are variable depending on which subdivision you reside, just remember that every time you enter through a different gate, the accompanying HOA fee,

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Maui Costco Hawaii Hours of Operation


M-F 10:00am - 8:30pm
Sat 9:30am - 6:00pm
Sun 10:00am - 6:00pm 12-31 9:00am - 6:00pm New Year's Day Closed   In this Maui, Hawai VLOG Eric will cover the "biggest tourist attraction" on Maui! Costco of course. In this video, Eric will share with you the address, the store hours, the Maui costco gas hours, the best time to shop at Costco when it's les busy, and what makes this Costco unique. Whether it's bumping into celebrities from Hollywood like Luke Wilson, buying fresh Ahi Sashimi or some of the BEST Poke on the island - this cost is rumored to be the 2nd most busiest Costco in the world after the one on Oahu at Iwilei! You can buy stand up paddle boards, snorkle…
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Hawaii Fix and Flip - An Endless Market

Many of my best clients are investors looking to buy homes or condos for both fix and flip and/or long term hold. Either way, the process and formula for doing them successfully has not changed much over the years. Buy low, keep your improvement costs under a tight budget and make sure your sold comparables support at least a 30% return on investment....with less than a 6 month hold time! If anything, the advent of non-judicial foreclosures in Hawaii has created a huge backlog of pre-foreclosures, (whereby you get a chance to negotiate with the seller who is still in charge of the property) So the market is ripe with many months, if not years of back logged inventory just sitting there ready to be found, bought,

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Luana Gardens at Honua Kai is comprised of 72 three bedroom villas with detached garages arranged in three intimate enclaves.  Luana Garden Villas is indeed a rare offering on the West Side of Maui. Not many 3 bedroom condos have been built on Maui, so to find one that is brand new and right on the best beach in the world makes it just that much better. This is the third and final phase of Honua Kai Resort & Spa (which has been the #1 Best Selling Condominium Resort on Maui since 2006)


Honua Kai Luana Gardens

The property consists of 38 family-friendly acres are designed with relaxation and memory-making in mind, offering owners and guests an unmatched resort experience with something for the whole family. It is located on stunning Kaanapali Beach on Maui’s western

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